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All About Mormon Missionaries
Have you ever seen a Mormon missionary? Or do you know someone serving (or preparing to serve) a Mormon Mission? Do you know what missionaries do? Find out all about Mormon missionaries and their missions in these detailed articles.

What to Expect at the Mormon Missionary Training Center
The Missionary Training Center (MTC) is where new Mormon missionaries are sent for training. What goes on at the MTC? What do missionaries learn there before they leave for their Mormon mission?

Life as a Mormon Missionary
What do Mormon missionaries do? Learn about the daily life of a Mormon missionary including what they teach, who they work under, and what they invite others to do.

What to Expect When Applying for a Mission
This article details the basics of what to expect when applying, and becoming, a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including filling out the application, receiving your call, preparing for the temple, and attending the MTC.

10 Practical Ways to Prepare for a Mormon Mission
Being able to serve a Mormon mission is a marvelous and life-changing opportunity but it is also difficult- one of the hardest things they ever do. This list gives practical advice for Mormon missionaries but is also useful for friends and family, as well as older couples and sisters who desire to serve.

What is a Mormon Mission?
Serving a Mormon mission usually means dedicating a specific amount of time to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Find out more about the why, who, how, and where of Mormon missions.

Mormon Missionary Tool: Sharing the Gospel
A list of ideas to help you be a Mormon missionary by sharing the gospel with friends and family. These great suggestions are divided into the following categories: Pray/Prepare, Be an Example, Items to Give, Activities and Invite.

Poll: Have you served a Mormon Mission?
If you're a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have you served a mission? Share your experiences with us in the comments or in the LDS community forum.

Mormon Missionary Tool: How to Know the Truth
A testimony is when you know something is true, but how do you receive one? Follow each of these important steps to know if something is true. Share this article with Mormon missionary you know or with those you are sharing the gospel with.

Mormon Missionary Tags
These tags are just like the ones that Mormon missionaries wear. Children, youth and even adults will love these tags to help remind them that each one of us is also a Mormon missionary!

Mormon Missionary: Helping Hands
A great way to help children share the gospel with their friends and family. This idea works best if done on a continual basis.

LDS Church Doctrine: Basic Beliefs Taught by Mormon Missionaries
This list of articles are some of the basic LDS Church doctrines taught by Mormon missionaries and is a great place to start learn about what we believe.

Mormon Missionary Joke: The Way It Is
I received a copy of this joke when I was a Mormon Missionary. I don't know who wrote it, but I think it's hilarious. Share it with those Mormon Missionaries you know and they'll find it funny too!

Mormon Missionary Joke
This story may or may not have happened to this Mormon Missionary but either way I thought it was funny.

Mormon Missionary Tool: New Era Posters Index
In this index you'll find hundreds of New Era Posters, perfect for Mormon missionaries to give to those they meet or to send back home.

Mormon Missionary Tool: Good Habits Calendar and Bookmark
These printable bookmarks and calendar will help you remember and keep your goal as you work to create a good habit. This is also a great tool for investigators who are trying to change bad habits into good ones.

Official Church Site of the Mormon Missionary Training Center
The Mormon Missionary Training Center (MTC) features information for future mormon missionaries, their parents, preparation, volunteers, prospective employees and more. This is the place to visit if you or someone you know will soon be a Mormon missionary.

Mormon Missionary: LDSeCards.com
This fun site has a great variety of ecards you can send to your Mormon missionary. The ecards come with art images including by Greg Olson, Derek Hegsted, and others. There are some really funny cards too!

Mormon Missionary: Dear Elder.com
A service to send letters, cards, and care packages to Mormon missionaries, both in the MTC and out in the field.

Mormon Missionary Moms
Moms of Mormon missionaries around the world unite! Ideas and advice to help prepare those Mormon missionaries including info on entering the MTC, fun stories, pictures, and more.

Teancum.net - Free Mormon Missionary Email
Teancum.net provides a network of effective communication with Mormon missionaries by offering free email. Learn more about keeping in contact with your Mormon missionary.

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