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Mormon Church 101

Basic Beliefs of Members of the Mormon Church


To begin learning about the Mormon Church this is the place to start. These basics are an important part of what members of the Mormon Church believe. You can also sign up for the weekly Mormon Church 101 Email Course to read these lessons.

Mormon Church 1: God, the Eternal Father
This first article is important to read because members of the Mormon Church believe that God is our Heavenly Father.

Mormon Church 2: Faith in Jesus Christ
This is the first principle of the gospel of the Mormon Church.

Mormon Church 3: Repentance
Acting upon our Faith in Christ means repenting.

Mormon Church 4: Baptism
Baptism is an important part of coming unto Christ in the Mormon Church. Don't miss the other three pages of this article.

Mormon Church 5: Holy Ghost
Learn about the Holy Ghost, what it is, how we feel it, and what it does in this four part article.

Mormon Church 6: Gift of the Holy Ghost
Find out what the gift of the Holy Ghost is and how members of the Mormon Church receive it.

Mormon Church 7: Prayer
Prayer is a very important and vital aspect of Mormon Church beliefs because it is how we communicate with God and how he sometimes communicates with us.

Mormon Church 8: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Find out what the Apostasy is and how the Mormon Church was organized on the earth.

Mormon Church 9: The Book of Mormon
Learn about its history, translation, and doctrines in this article.

Mormon Church 10: Organization of the Mormon Church
This article gives an explanation of the structure of the Mormon Church, as well as information about its living prophets and apostles.

You can also subscribe to the Mormon Church 101 Email Course to read one of these lessons each week.

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