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LDS Scripture Study Techniques


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Word Definitions
LDS Scripture Study: Word Definitions

LDS Scripture Study: Word Definitions

In this technique you look up the definition of words as you study your LDS scripture which will help increase your vocabulary. While reading pick out words that you don't know the meaning of, or that you'd like to more fully comprehend, then look them up in the Study Helps (Technique #8) or you can use the Triple Combination Vocabulary Guide by Greg Wright and Blair Tolman. (There used to be individual guides but they're now all combined into one.) This vocabulary guide for The Triple Combination (meaning The Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) is wonderful and I use it all the time, it's very handy and would make a great gift!

After you've discovered the definition write it in the bottom margin below the footnotes. I like to write the verse, the footnote letter (if it doesn't have one I make one starting with the next letter available), then the word (which I underline), followed by the short definition. For example in Alma 34:35 I looked up in the "Triple Combination Vocabulary Guide" the definition for "subjected" which is footnote letter "a". Then in the bottom margin I wrote, "35a: subjected= slavery, under obedience or bondage to."

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