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LDS Scripture Study Techniques


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Pictures and Stickers
LDS Scripture Study: Pictures and Stickers

LDS Scripture Study: Pictures and Stickers

Putting pictures and stickers into your LDS scriptures is a really fun way to liven up your study time and is perfect for students of all ages. You can buy special see-through stickers called Scripture Stickers (although they are pricey) or make your own "stickers" by cutting out pictures from Church magazines, especially the Friend, or printing out some LDS Clipart.

When pasting your own pictures make sure you use a glue stick, not runny glue, and only place a small amount of paste onto the part of the picture where it will attach to the margins, don’t put glue on the parts that cover text. This way you can lift up the picture to read the text underneath it.

Stickers are fun too. Make sure you don't cover any of the text with stickers. Large stickers can be placed on blank spaces/pages but very small ones can fit in the margins.

You can using star and heart stickers to keep track of your favorite LDS scriptures. Here's what you do: While you're studying keep a look out for those verses that touch you or mean something to you, such as answers to prayers or insightful readings. Place the sticker (or you can just draw a star or heart) next to those verses in the margin. One of my companions during my mission drew hearts which she called "Love Notes." She'd write a small note in the margin explaining why that verse was a love note from Heavenly Father.

Tip: When using stickers you can also fold one over the top of the page so that half of the sticker is on one side and the other half on the opposite side, this makes it easier to find your favorite LDS scriptures when looking from the top.

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