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How to Link to Highlighted LDS Scriptures


Did you know that you can link to a specific highlighted scripture with the Church's online LDS scriptures? This is great if you're writing an email or posting a scripture online (such as in a forum or blog) and you'd like to link to the exact highlighted LDS scripture online.

How to Link to Highlighted LDS Scriptures
If you already know which scripture you want to link to then do the following: Scripture Search
If you're not sure which verse(s) you want to specifically link to you can browse to or search for the scripture you want. Once you find the scripture you are looking for you can edit the URL so that the link jumps to the right verse and highlights specific verses. Here's how:

Edit URL to Highlight LDS Scriptures:
In this example we'll start by browsing to a specific book of scripture, chapter, and then verse. Let's examine the URL (link) for the above example which is:
In the URL after http://lds.org/scriptures/ comes the main scripture/book of scripture/chapter. In this example bofm stands for Book of Mormon, 2-ne is 2nd Nephi, and the last 2 is chapter two.

Note: The ?lang=eng section of the URL is for the language, which in this example is English. You can ignore this and even delete it, but the website will just replace it if you do. Now you can link to specific, highlighted LDS Scriptures! For additional resources see the LDS Scriptures category.

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