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LDS Primary

Find LDS Primary resources, lessons, sharing time, singing time, and other LDS Primary helps and web sites.
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LDS Primary: Church Manuals
These Church Manuals are used in LDS Primary and include The Sharing Time Outline and the Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation as well as Faith in God for Boys and Girls.

LDS Primary: 13 Articles of Faith Memorization Helps
As members of the Church we have been encouraged to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith. Use these Articles of Faith Memorization Helps to help your Primary children memorize each of the 13 Articles of Faith.

LDS Primary Activity Ideas
There are hundreds of great activity ideas (including service ideas) listed here! Some of the ideas will work better for different organizations: Primary, Youth, Relief Society, Ward, Stake, Family, etc.

LDS Primary - Birthday Cans
A fun way to show your LDS primary children that you care about their birthdays.

LDS Primary: Birthday Pencil Cards
These printable Birthday Pencil Cards are perfect birthday handouts for your LDS Primary.

LDS Primary: Birthday Treasure Map
This fun birthday idea is a great way to show your LDS Primary children that you care about them. It comes with birthday candy wrappers too!

LDS Primary Candy Wrappers: Chocolate Bars
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make perfect handouts and gifts for your LDS Primary children! There are tons of LDS Primary wrappers to choose from!

LDS Primary Candy Wrappers: SoulSavers
These printable candy wrappers cover lifesavers candies and make a great LDS Primary activity or handouts!

LDS Primary Candy Wrappers: Mini Chocolate Wrappers
These printable candy wrappers cover mini chocolate bars (Hershey's brand) and make great handouts or inexpensive gifts for your LDS Primary children!

LDS Primary: CTR Pencil Cards
These printable LDS Primary handouts are great gifts or incentive ideas to help children Choose the Right (CTR)!

LDS Primary Envelopes
Use these printable envelopes to help pass out assignments for the talk, scripture, and prayer in your LDS Primary.

LDS Primary - Going the Extra Mile
A great way to help children learn the value of charity and service.

LDS Primary: Humor Comic #1
This funny comic is about one aspect of LDS Primary!

LDS Primary: I am a Child of God Bookmarks
These ready to print bookmarks make great LDS Primary handouts! There are several different ones to choose from both in color and black and white.

LDS Primary - Missionary Helping Hands
A great way to help children do missionary work!

LDS Primary: Missionary Shirt Card
These fun cards are easy for LDS Primary children to make and can be used for Missionaries, Father's Day, or for Home Teachers!

LDS Primary - Mystery Code
A fun code to encrypt messages for the children to decipher.

LDS Primary: Nursery Signs
These cute nursery signs have a picture of the Savior with children and say, Welcome to the Nursery! There are 6 different fonts to choose from and are perfect for your LDS Primary.

LDS Primary: Sunbeam Pencil Cards
These printable LDS Primary handouts are to welcome your new Sunbeams and all you need is a pencil!

LDS Primary - Talk, Scripture and Prayer Reminders
These bookmarks will help children, and their parents, remember next week's LDS Primary assignments. These updated bookmarks are also available in color!

LDS Primary Thanksgiving Turkey
This Primary activity idea is perfect to use for several weeks before Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving Turkey is also great for Singing Time or Sharing Time.

LDS Primary - The Thirteen Articles of Faith Index
Here you'll find Clipart, Scriptures, Quotes, Puzzles, Tests and memorization helps for all Thirteen Articles of Faith. Perfect for Family Home Evening or LDS Primary lessons!

Singing Time: Treasure Map Puzzle
Although created for Singing Time, this Treasure Map Puzzle makes for a fun LDS Primary activity as children put the puzzle together to learn the true treasures of heaven.

LDS Primary: We Miss You Notes
These cute LDS primary notes are great to send to those who are less active.

LDS Primary Welcome Handouts
These cute welcome handouts are great to give to new LDS Primary children or to visitors.

LDS Primary: Good Habits Calendar and Bookmark
The best way of changing bad habits is to replace them with good ones. These printable bookmarks and calendar will help you remember and keep your goal as you work to create a good habit.

Clipart - LDS Primary 1
Over 100 clipart images of LDS primary children being reverent, praying, reading, and serving others.

Clipart - LDS Primary 2
Over 120 LDS primary images of children praying, reading, serving other, and much more all in clipart format.

Clipart - Misc. Church
There are some cute LDS primary clipart images in this gallery, both in color and black/white.

Top 5 LDS Primary Children's Books
Searching for a book that will appeal to your children while teaching gospel principles? Here are five that won't disappoint you.

13 Articles of Faith Memorization Resources
This is a list of a bunch of resources for memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith.

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