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LDS Family History

Researching our LDS Family History is an important part of Latter-day life. Here you'll find resources to help you research and record your LDS family history.
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Writing Your Personal Family History
Writing a personal family history can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you take it a step at a time. This 12 chapter course comes with questions for each category and even a weekly email reminder!

LDS Family History: Baptism For the Dead
Because baptism is necessary to enter the Kingdom of God everyone must have the opportunity to be baptized, including those who have died, which is why Family History is so important. Heavenly Father has provided a way that all may have the opportunity to accept, or reject, the gospel and be baptized.

Youth and LDS Family History Website
Learn about the Church's Youth and Family History website in this blog post, including how the site will help youth with LDS family history.

LDS Family History: Importance of Keeping a Journal
Keeping a Journal is important to LDS family history not only because it is about your personal life but it can also help you! Learn more in this LDS Family History article about keeping a journal.

LDS Family History: Journal Keeping Techniques
There is more than one way to keep a journal. This article gives 10 techniques for supplementing your personal LDS family history.

LDS Family History: Journal Keeping Tips For Success
These tips and tricks will help you with keeping a journal of your LDS family history!

Poll: Have You Done Family History Work?
You don't have to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ to be able to do family history, though. Have you done family history work? If so have you submitted an ancestor's name to the temple? Have you done work in the temple for an ancestor? Vote in this poll and then share your experiences in the comments.

Threefold Mission of the Church
What is the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Learn about the Church's threefold mission and how Family History is part of this three-part mission.

How to Use New FamilySearch Correctly
George W. Scott, a new FamilySearch instructor, has written an 81 page manual, "How to Use New FamilySearch Correctly," that is free to download and print or purchase at cost.

Instant 9-Generation Family History Fan
Use this tool to create your own family history fan. All you have to do is login using your FamilySearch account, click create, and open the PDF file. See a picture of my personal Family History Fan, then make your own and share it with others.

LDS Family History: Journal Pages
Twelve ready to print journal pages that are perfect to help children record their LDS family history.

LDS Family History: Family Tree
A fun activity to teach children about their LDS family history that comes with clipart! Just print out the page and let the children fill in their LDS family history.

LDS Family History: Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make wonderful handouts and gifts! Just scroll down to LDS Family History.

LDS Family History Candy Wrappers: SoulSavers
These printable candy wrappers cover lifesavers candies and make great LDS Family History handouts!

LDS Family History: Genealogy at About.com
Kimberly Powell, the Genealogy Guide has hundreds of resources and information such as: LDS Family History in the Classroom; Top Ten LDS Family History Mistakes to Avoid; and 50 FREE Ways to Research LDS Family History.

LDS Family History: Visitor's Guide to LDS Family History Library
Everything you need to know to prepare for a successful visit to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Includes contact data, resource information and much more to make your trip to the LDS Family History Library both enjoyable and rewarding.

LDS Family History Center 101
How to access the vast resources of the LDS Family History Library from your own home town when you can't make a visit to Salt Lake City. A five part series, from About's genealogy guide with great information to help you do your LDS family history.

LDS Family History: About Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking is a fun, creative way to record your own LDS family history and this About site has lots of resources.

LDS Family History: GenealogyToday.com
Learn what is happening in the genealogy community and discover tips for researching your LDS family history tree. The site is a great source for news on genealogy, surname queries, LDS family history research tips, and more.

LDS Family History: Accelerated Genealogy Research
A directory listing professional genealogists by education, experience, credentials, research specialty, international or U.S. region, and billing rate to help you do your LDS family history. Here you can find the researcher best qualified to help you find your ancestor when doing your LDS family history.

LDS Family History: Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
Constantly being updated, this site contains over 136,200 genealogy links. Most are categorized and cross-referenced to help you with your LDS family history.

LDS Family History Expo Night
An example of a schedule for having a LDS Family History Expo in your ward or stake. Includes information on how to write personal LDS family history.

LDS Family History: Genealogy.com
Search through millions of names, create your own LDS family history tree online, read genealogy news, learn great tips, post to message boards, and more.

Find a LDS Family History Center
LDS Family History Centers are part of the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. They provide access to most of the microfilms and microfiche to help people identify their ancestors. Everyone is welcome to come to the centers and use LDS Family History Center resources.

LDS Family History: Kindred Konnections
You can search for LDS family history including for your ancestors, share with others, search extracted records, and much more. They claim to be "one of the most advanced genealogical research sites in the world" which would help in doing LDS family history.

LDS Family History: ProGenealogists.com
A group of professional researchers located near Salt Lake City, Utah, who have a lot of experience and access to the largest lds family history library in the world. Consider giving them a try if you need someone to look up a LDS family history record or to verify information found online.

LDS Family History: Tree Searcher
This is a free LDS family history site that makes it easier for people to find their personal trees on the Internet. With it you need to enter your ancestor's information just one time to search multiple sites for your LDS family history.

LDS Family History at OneGreatFamily.com
Create or upload your LDS family history tree, search through millions of names, see the genealogy of famous people such as William Shakespeare, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln and much more. Also take a look at their LDS family history resources, learning center, fun, and daily survey.

LDS Family History Centers in Utah
Everything you need to know about the LDS family history centers in Utah including location, eating facilities, lodging, and more! Prepare ahead of time by learning about the local LDS family history center you plan on visiting.

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