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LDS Dating On the Internet

Success With LDS Dating Is Possible!


Are you worried about LDS dating over the Internet? Then keep reading! For help with dating also see these LDS Dating Guidelines and learn how to know who to marry through proper LDS dating and courtship. Or share your online LDS Dating success story!

Does LDS dating online really work?
Yes, it does! Every year hundreds of LDS dating singles hook up through the Internet. While at the airport one time I spoke with a woman who had met her husband the year before through a LDS Dating Parents' site and a friend of mine met his spouse online too. Hooking up with people over the Internet has become common, but you must also be careful to learn about someone's true nature by spending a lot of time together in person.

Is LDS dating over the Internet safe?
It can be if you are careful. The following safety precautions should be taken into consideration, even if you're meeting other LDS dating singles:
  • Don't give out personal information, including your last name, home/work addresses, phone numbers, bank account data, etc.
  • Be cautious by not believing everything you're told, even by other LDS dating singles. On the Internet people can pretend to be anyone they want to. It's not easy to determine if someone is being honest, because you have no visual, vocal, or body language to interpret. Don't be afraid to ask for proof of important matters such as job status, educational degrees, divorce papers, etc.
  • Ask for references, especially of family, other LDS dating friends, coworkers, or even their bishop. You are entitled to verify that the person is who they say they are. If you telephone one of their references, use a pay phone to avoid problems with caller ID.
  • Talk with other LDS dating singles on the phone before meeting IRL (In Real Life). You can learn a lot about someone's personality by hearing their voice and how they talk.
  • Never meet alone; always bring a friend. If the person demands that you meet alone, don't do it! Even for LDS dating make sure that you meet in a public place during the day, like a mall, park, or restaurant.
  • Watch for signs of anger, frustration, or manipulation while getting to know them over the Internet. If the person is trying to control you before you meet they won't change later.
Is LDS dating online right for me?
The answer is different for each individual, but don't forget to seek guidance and direction from Heavenly Father.

Find the LDS dating site that's right for you with this list of the Top 10 LDS Dating Web Sites.
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