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LDS Family Search

Doing our LDS Family Search is an important part of Latter-day life. Find genealogy resources, ideas, web sites and more to help you work on your LDS Family Search.
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LDS Family Search: Why Baptize the Dead?
Why should we do our LDS family search? Find out why in this article on why and how we are baptized for both ourselves and the dead. This four page article will help explain the importance of doing our LDS family search.

How to Use New FamilySearch Correctly
George W. Scott, a new FamilySearch instructor, has written a 66 page manual, How to Use New FamilySearch Correctly, that is free to download and print from his site.

LDS Family Search: Programs
The Genealogy guide's top five picks for LDS Family Search programs. Each program supports the requirements for names to be submitted to the temple, perfect resources to help you accomplish your LDS Family Search.

Poll: Have You Done Family Search Work?
You don't have to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ to be able to do family search, though. Have you done family history work? If so have you submitted an ancestor's name to the temple? Have you done work in the temple for an ancestor? Vote in this poll and then share your experiences in the comments.

Instant 9-Generation Family Search Fan
Use this tool to create your own family search fan. All you have to do is login using your FamilySearch account, click create, and open the PDF file. See a picture of my personal Family Search Fan, then make your own and share it with others.

LDS Family Search: Official Site
Official Family History site of the LDS Church. A huge resource including: how to do your LDS family history, search for ancestors, share information, and much more.

LDS Family Search: Acadian.org
Dedicated to Acadian/Cajun and Acadian/French Canadian genealogy. The site provides valuable resources for doing your LDS family search including two CD-ROMs containing Acadian data. Acadian.org is an excellent genealogy resource for working on your LDS family search if you have any Acadian roots.

LDS Family Search: Advice
This is another free LDS family search site that asks questions concerning what you already know about your ancestry. Your answers to the questions help create a customized plan on what you might do and where you might look in order to develop your LDS family search more fully.

LDS Family Search: Afrigeneas.com
This site is devoted to African American genealogy, to helping you with your LDS family search of African Ancestry in the Americas, and finding general genealogical resources.

LDS Family Search: Ancestry.com
A huge site with resources for doing your LDS family search including pedigree chards, message boards, and much more. If you need help with doing LDS family search this is a good place to start.

LDS Family Search: Bogardi.com
This site, also called Radix, is dedicated to LDS family search in Hungary. They provide links for professional LDS family search services in Hungary and also provides access to a few Hungarian databases.

LDS Family Search: Genealogy Research Associates
A leading provider of LDS family search professional research, educational products, and innovative genealogical services. In the past 12 years, GRA has been providing extensive LDS family search services for national clientele.

LDS Family Search: ObitCentral.com
A collection of obituary notices made available for LDS family search purposes. This site has a wealth of information available for individuals who lived in the United States and Canada, perfect to increase your LDS family search success.

LDS Family Search: RootsWeb.com
This site claims to be, "The oldest and largest FREE genealogy site, supported by Ancestry.com" which will help with your LDS family search. Find out how to get started, do extensive LDS family search, join mailing list, and more.

LDS Family Search: Tree Maker
Discover your history, post bulletins, work on your LDS family search for names, add your genealogy to their database, take classes and much more.

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