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Family Home Evening Wheel Assignment Chart


Family Home Evening Wheel Chart

Family Home Evening Wheel Chart

Rachel Bruner
This colorful chart is perfect to print out and use as a Family Home Evening assignment reminder. There are three different types available!

Preparation: Choose which chart you need to use, depending on how many people are in your family. Younger children should be paired up with a parent or older sibling; adults can be on the chart more than once. There are Family Home Evening wheel charts with 4, 6, and 8 assignment spots. If you are in a family of 5 with a young child choose the chart for 4 and place the child's name with someone else's name. If you have a family of 7 with older children you can choose the chart for 8 people and place one of the parent's names on the chart twice.

Directions: Open and print both pages of the chart you are going to use, then cut out the square and wheel. Write the name of each person in a different space of the wheel (not the square), remember to pair up younger children with a parent or older sibling. Using a brad (a round-headed prong fastener) push it through the wheel and then through the square. After Family Home Evening rotate the assignment wheel so everyone knows what they need to do before the next Family Home Evening.

Family Home Evening Wheel Charts (PDF Files)Notes:
  1. The colors of the charts don't mean anything, they are just for fun.
  2. The chart will be sturdier and last longer if printed on card stock and/or laminated.
  3. You can always make your own customized chart for your family!
A great way to incorporate the use of this Family Home Evening Wheel Chart is to teach a Family Home Evening lesson about the Importance of Family Home Evening.

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