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Family Home Evening Game: Scripture Cards

Book of Mormon and Bible Scripture Card Games


Book of Mormon Scripture Cards

Book of Mormon Scripture Cards

Rachel Bruner
This fun game is similar to go fish except you have to specifically ask for the right card from the right person to receive it. For two or more players.

Object of the Game: Get the most sets of four to win.

Preparation: Open and print one of the sets of cards in the PDF files below. Each file contains a set of 52 scripture cards. If you have a large family/group print both sets (Bible/Book of Mormon) and combine them. (Bible set coming soon in color!)

PDF Files:Directions: Shuffle the deck of cards. Deal each player four cards and place the remaining cards face down. There are four cards per set. The title of each card is at the top and the other cards available in that set are listed at the bottom. Each player takes a turn asking another player for a specific card and must ask for it by title and by person. (Players can only ask for cards from a set that they already have a card of. They cannot ask for the exact card they already hold.) If that person has that card they must give it to them. The player then gets another turn to ask any player for another specific card. If the person doesn't have the card they're being asked for they say, "Study your scriptures" and the player then draws a card from the stack and their turn is over.

When a player has a complete set of four cards they show the rest of the group and place them in front of them on the table or floor. Play continues until all the cards have been placed down. If a player has no more cards they draw one from the deck. If the deck is gone the person must wait until the game is over.

Example: There are three players. Player one has an Abinadi card titled, "Preaches in Disguise" and asks player two for the "Death by fire" card in the Abinadi set. Player two doesn't have the card and says, "Study your Scriptures" player one draws a card. Player two (who also has an Abinadi card) asks player one for the "Preaches in Disguise" Abinadi card. Player one gives it to player two who takes another turn. Play continues until all the sets of cards have been placed down. The player with the most sets wins.

Notes: You can print the cards on cardstock, cut them out, and then laminate them so they will last longer. They're also easier to play with when they're not rough.
For younger children remove half the cards (in sets) from the deck and only deal two cards per player. When someone has two in a set they can discard them.

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