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Family Home Evening Game: LDS Pictionary


If you've never played pictionary before it's a fun game where you try to get your teammates to guess something correctly by drawing pictures.

Preparation: Print out both pages of the file below and cut out each term. Put the pieces of paper in a container to be drawn from. You will also need paper (or a chalkboard), pens, and a timer.

PDF File: LDS Pictionary

Directions: Have the group split into teams (two or more depending on how many people you have) and give each team a pad of paper and a pen. Have one person from each team look at one of the LDS Pictionary terms and then try to draw it in a way that their team can guess correctly what it is. The people drawing should not use actions, words, symbols, numbers, or letters. Use a timer (or a watch) to determine when the time is up for each term. The team that guesses the term correctly, before time is up, gets a point. Decide how many points a team needs to win- depending on the amount of time you have to play.

  • There are several blank spaces on the second page for you to write your own LDS terms.
  • An optional way of playing is that if the people drawing agree that the term is too hard they may draw another one, which is helpful for younger players.
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