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Family Home Evening Game: Latter-day Prophet Cards


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Object of the Game: Find the two Prophet cards that are the same or that go together.

Preparation: There are two different sets of cards, one contains pictures of the 16 Latter-day Prophets, the other is a set of fact cards about each prophet.
  • For a game without the fact cards: Print two copies of the four page file (choose large or small) for a total of eight pages.
  • For a game with the fact cards (submitted by Stacy) print only one set of the picture cards and one set of the fact cards.
  • For both games print two sets of the pictures and one set of the fact cards and alternate between the two games.
  • Cut out each card.
  • You can color the pictures if you like.
PDF Files:Directions: Mix up all 32 cards then place them face down. Let each person take a turn flipping two of the cards over. If they match they keep the cards and get another turn (remove this if you have a lot of players) but if they miss, their turn is over. Play until all the cards have been matched together.

Example: Four children are playing. The first player flips over a picture of John Taylor and another of Harold B. Lee. Because they do not match the cards are turned back over, face down. Player two flips over a picture of Ezra Taft Benson and a second Harold B. Lee but because they do not match the cards are turned back over. Player three remembers where the two cards of Harold B. Lee are and turns them over. They match so player three keeps the cards and takes another turn.

  • To make the cards more durable you can print them onto card stock or paste them onto construction paper, but make sure if you use construction paper that it's all the same color.
  • A fun way to make this game more of a teaching opportunity you could teach a bit about each prophet when their two pictures have been matched.
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