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Family Home Evening Game: Bigger and Better

A Scavenger Hunt Perfect for a Family Home Evening Game or Church Activity


Object of the Game: To find the biggest or best scavenger hunt item.

Items Needed: A car and driver for each team.

Preparation: Divide into teams and have one car and driver assigned to each group. Choose a time and place where everyone must return.

Directions: Send everyone off to different neighborhoods in search of the biggest or best item, by going door to door asking for bigger and better stuff. One team may find a family who has an old sofa they want to get rid of, but the team has to be able to transfer that item back to the meeting point, and then be able to dispose of it later. So the team must decide if the item is worth the effort, but in the end the team with the largest, or best item found wins.

Example: There are 12 players, and they divide into four groups of three, each with a car and driver. Everyone decides to return to the point of departure in one hour. The groups drive away to different neighborhoods and ask the owners of each home they visit if they have a bigger or better item to donate for the scavenger hunt game. Team one is given an old bicycle, team two gets two giant truck tires, team three comes up with an old TV set. When the teams return with the very best or largest item they can find they must decide which item is the best. A vote can be done if there's a disagreement.

Note: This game works best with teens and young adults.

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