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Family Home Evening Game: Apostle Cards


Use these cards to help children learn the names and faces of the First Presidency and 12 Apostles. There are also some fun facts too.

Preparation: Open, print and cut out the cards from the PDF file below. Here are two different ways you can make the cards:
1. Glue the fact card to the back of the picture to make flash cards.
2. Keep the cards separate and use them to play matching memory games. You can match the fact sheet to the apostle or print two sets and match fact card to fact card and picture to picture.

Directions: For flash cards let everyone take some time to study the cards. Then take turns holding up the card for another player to try and remember the name and facts of the apostle. For memory games turn the cards over and take turns trying to match the picture to the correct facts.

PDF Files: (under 160k each)Note: The cards are more durable when they are printed on card stock and laminated.

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