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Halloween Craft: Bat Finger Puppets


Halloween Craft: Bat Finger Puppets

Halloween Craft: Bat Finger Puppets

When I was a kid I remember making these cute bat finger puppets for a Halloween craft at an activity. They're so easy for kids to make and when you move your hand up and down their wings flap!

Things You'll Need
  • Paper (colored construction paper works well)
  • Bat outline (pdf files below)
  • Pencil or pens
  • Scissors
  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons (optional)
  • Decorations, such as googly eyes (optional)
  1. You can either print the outlines of the bat finger puppets (pdf files below) onto white or colored paper or you can print the half outline (Bat Craft 5 below) and cut them out for patterns.
  2. For the half outlines fold your card stock in half, trace the half outline with the middle of the bat on the fold, and cut out.
  3. For the other bats (already printed) just cut them out!
  4. Next fold your bat in half and make two small cuts in the center of the bat. Here's a picture: Bat Cut Sm or Bat Cut Lrg
  5. Unfold, and push the center cut down, making it pop open underneath the bat.
  6. Weave your finger through the paper slot under the bat.
  7. Move your hand up and down to make its wings flap!
Bat Craft (pdf files)Note: You can decorate your bats by coloring them, adding googly eyes, glitter, stickers, etc.

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