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LDS Printable Christmas Advent Calendar

A Stable Advent Calendar of Baby Jesus in a Manger.


LDS Printable Advent Calendar

LDS Printable Advent Calendar of Baby Jesus Lying in a Manger

Hilary Hendricks
This printable Christmas advent calendar comes with cute pictures, wonderful scriptures, and fun activities to help you and your family remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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  • Open and print one of the following PDF files. You can either place the scriptures and activities in a jar and draw one each day, or you can read them in order.
  • Cut out the stable puzzle so you have 24 pictures. DO NOT cut apart the last page of the blank stable. This is the page you will use to paste the puzzle picture onto each day.
  • For the first 24 days of December read one scripture, do the accompanying activity, and paste one puzzle piece onto the blank page.
  • On Christmas day read Luke 2, about Christ’s birth, from the New Testament.
PDF Files: (Each under 300k)Note: Images, scriptures, and activities are from the December 2000 Friend, "Christmas Countdown" by Hilary Hendricks

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