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Crafts and Projects

A list of craft and project ideas to use as a lesson or Family Home Evening activity.

LDS Craft: Article of Faith #1
As parents and leaders we ask our children to memorize the 13 Articles of Faith but how well do they understand them? Use this lesson to teach your children about the first Article of Faith and the Godhead.

LDS Craft: Bath Sachets
A fun activity for making oatmeal and milk bath sachets. Also great for gifts!

LDS Craft: Birthday Cans
These primary birthday cans can be easily used for any LDS craft activity.

LDS Crafts: Candy Bar Wrappers
These printable wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make fun LDS Crafts! There are tons of wrappers to choose from including Primary, Young Womens, Armour of God, Relief Society, Visiting Teaching, Baby Blessings, Birth Announcements, and more!

LDS Crafts: Candy Wrappers SoulSavers
These printable candy wrappers cover lifesavers candies and make a great LDS craft or handout!

LDS Craft: Christmas Advent Calendar
This printable Christmas advent calendar comes with cute pictures, wonderful scriptures, and fun activities to help you and your family remember the true meaning of Christmas.

LDS Craft: Coupon Book
This LDS craft is easy to put together and is a perfect activity for lessons on service, love, or family! There are several coupons to choose from, including a blank coupon to make your own coupons. This LDS craft is also a perfect gift for Mother's Day Father's Day, or any day!

LDS Christmas Crafts and Ideas
Here you'll find a great list of ideas for making Christmas crafts from The Friend one of the LDS Church's magazines. Also find ways to make Christmas more meaningful with the Random Sample ideas and Christmas poetry.

LDS Craft: Creation
A LDS craft lesson suitable for younger children.

LDS Craft: Faith Seed Pouch
These fun pouches hold seeds to help teach about faith and are perfect for handouts or as a LDS craft activity. They also come with a cute set of directions and a scripture on faith.

LDS Craft: Halloween Bat Finger Puppets
When I was a kid I remember making these cute bat finger puppets at a Halloween activity. They're so easy for kids to make and when you move your hand up and down their wings flap!

LDS Craft: Missionary Shirt Card
These fun cards are easy to make and can be used for Missionaries, Father's Day, or for your Home Teachers!

LDS Craft: Musical Instruments
Easy and simple ideas for making/using interactive musical instruments. This LDS craft comes with three printable music pouches!

LDS Craft: Noah and Keeping Promises
This lesson uses the story of Noah and the Ark to lead into a discussion on keeping promises. It's appropriate for primary age children.

LDS Craft: Old Testament ABCs
Use this lesson to review scripture stories in the Old Testament.

LDS Craft: Plan of Salvation
This lesson, perfect for Family Home Evening or other church lessons, comes with ready to print images of the Plan of Salvation and scriptures. It's also available in PDF format.

LDS Craft: Sabbath Day Boxes
This craft comes with ready-to-print files for making two different Sabbath day boxes. Just print, cut and glue. Page one also has instructions for teaching a lesson on Keeping the Sabbath Day holy as well as ideas to put into the boxes.

LDS Craft: Sugar Cube Temple and Projects
Looking for a fun LDS craft to do with your class or family? How about making a Temple or other fun LDS creation out of sugar cubes?

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