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LDS Blogs

Blogs, short for web logs, are posts made several times a week notifying visitors of the latest events, resources, and news. Find a list of LDS related blogs, or web logs run by Latter-day Saints.
  1. Latter-day Saints Online

About Genealogy
Find out how to best trace your ancestral line with these great resources on the About Genealogy Blog.

About Salt Lake City
Find great up-to-date info, resources, and news on the About Salt Lake City blog. (I don't think the Guide is a Latter-day Saint.)

LDS Blog Portal: Nothing Wavering
Nothing Wavering, a LDS blog portal, was created as an alternative to other LDS blog portals and "strive [s] to be a website to which mainstream members of the church can direct their friends, family, fellow congregation members, and interested non-LDS associates with confidence...."

LDS Media Talk
This blog has multiple authors who work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints including Larry Richman, LDS.org Product Manager, and Joe Dehlin, LDS Church CIO.

Joel Dehlin Weblog
The personal LDS blog of Joel Dehlin, CIO (Chief Information Officer) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Rains Came Down
Posts on this LDS blog are by a Latter-day Saint woman who shares her thoughts, questions, experiences, related to the Church of Jesus Christ and its teachings.

Times and Seasons
A LDS blog with contributions from a group of active scholars, professionals, and students. "Quite possibly the most steely-eyed, yet cryptic, onymous Mormon group blog in history."

Official "behind the scenes" technology blog of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A Soft Answer - LDS Blog
Run by David H. Sundwall this LDS blog is named after Proverbs 15:1, "A SOFT answer turneth away wrath." David frequently updates this blog and has interesting posts which are usually LDS related.

LDS Blog: Dear Bro Jo
Brother Dave Johnston's LDS blog is based on letters from site visitors who are seeking dating and relationship advice. From what I’ve read, Brother Johnston's advice has been very sound and in-line with basic gospel principles.

Good Strong Men
This LDS Blog is geared towards helping and strengthening men in their roles as good husbands, fathers, and leaders. It encourages men to be courageous and respects the divine roles of men and women.

This LDS Blog is run by Jeff Lindsay who discusses "Mormons and Mormon life, Book of Mormon issues and evidences, and other Latter-day Saint topics."

This is a site for and about Relief Society women, or women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where they can share their thoughts, feelings, testimony and experiences, with others.

Dave's Mormon Inquiry
"History, doctrine, culture, and books" are discussed at this LDS blog.

The Millennial Star
This LDS blog has several contributors who post all sorts of interesting content that's mostly Latter-day Saint related. It's a LDS blog worth looking into!

Blog for LDS Young Single Adults
This blog's focus is to help LDS Young Single Adults with dating and their own personal development. This blog also has a survey you can fill out and submit.

Mormon Metaphysics
"Contemplations within Philosophy and Theology" is the statement that goes with this LDS blog.

LDS Blogs
Run by Mormon Archipelago this "Gateway to the Bloggernacle" is a great place to find other LDS Blogs.

LDS Blog: Gospel Cougar
The purpose of this LDS blog is to, "share my personal gospel study and other items that may be of interest to friends and members of the LDS Church."

Mo' Boy Blog
Maintained by Mark Hansen, his blog description says, "I'm just a good little Mormon boy who likes to shoot off at the mouth. I also like to make music, and that'll crop up in my blog, too."

Mormonismo Puro: Spanish Mormon Blog
A blog for Spanish-speaking folks who are looking to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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