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Death is the fourth part of the Plan of Salvation which is a necessary step in our eternal progression. (See Premortal Existence to learn more about God's plan.) Continue reading to find out how death is not the end but the temporary separation of the body and spirit, as well as how to deal with death and prepare for the death of a loved one or even ourselves.

Death is Not the End:

Some believe that death is the end or the final destination. For Latter-day Saints, death is merely the doorway that leads into the next life. Elder Russel M. Nelson, one of the 12 Apostles, said:
"Life does not begin with birth, nor does it end with death. Prior to our birth, we dwelled as spirit children with our Father in Heaven. There we eagerly anticipated the possibility of coming to earth and obtaining a physical body. But we regarded the returning home as the best part of that long-awaited trip, just as we do now. Returning from earth to life in our heavenly home requires passage through—and not around—the doors of death. We were born to die, and we die to live" ("Doors of Death," Ensign, May 1992, 72.)

Separation of the Body and Spirit:

Death is the separation of the physical body from the spirit. Although the physical body dies our spirits continue to live and go to the Spirit World. Eventually, the body and spirit will be reunited, never to be separated again. This is called the resurrection. Also see the article, Resurrection of Jesus Christ, to learn how Christ overcame death, through the Atonement, and who will be resurrected.

Dealing with Death:

Although Latter-day Saints look upon death with hope, dealing with the loss of a loved one can still be very difficult. Death is only a temporary stage in the Plan of Salvation because Christ triumphed over death. Each one of us will live again. Having faith in Jesus can help us have hope that death is not the end, that in the next life we will live once again with our loved ones.

The following are a list of articles from the LDS Church's Ensign magazine that give tips on how to cope with death:

Preparing for Death:

There are many things we can do to prepare for the death of a loved one or even our own death. Preparing for and understanding death often makes it easier to accept. Here are a few Ensign articles to help us when preparing for death:
Death is a hard part of life but through greater understanding of God's Plan of Salvation and faith in Jesus Christ we can find greater hope and peace.
Continue on with the next part of the Plan of Salvation which is the Spirit World: Life After Death.
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