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What is Fasting and How Do We Fast?


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Question: What is Fasting and How Do We Fast?
What does it mean to fast? And how do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fast? Also learn how to fast with these seven simple steps.
Answer: Fasting in the LDS Church means to abstain from eating and drinking for at least two consecutive meals. During this time you focus on the spiritual by putting aside the temporal.

To make the fast personal, instead of just not eating, one should focus the fast on something, such as help in overcoming an addiction or destructive habit, wanting to know the truth (like about the Book of Mormon) or asking the Lord for help in making an important decision.

Beginning and ending with a prayer is the best way to open and close a fast. Studying the scriptures, pondering the truth, and attending church and the temple, while we fast will also bring us closer to the Lord.

Completing the fast includes donating the money equivalent of the food you would have eaten to help the poor and needy. This is called a Fast Offering. Fast offerings are paid using the same donation slip as that of Tithing. Even when we don't have a specific purpose to fast for we can fast and give a generous offering to help those in need. Doing so opens the door to additional blessings as we serve and work to have charity.

Usually the first Sunday of each month is designated as Fast Sunday, when members of the LDS Church world wide fast and share their testimonies in their local sacrament meeting service.

Fasting can help us: be humble; search for personal and family guidance; live God's commandments; be more spiritual; and come unto Christ.

Share your fasting experience with us by voting in the polls: "Has Fasting Helped You? How?" or prepare to hold a fast by learning how to fast.
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