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LDS Church Doctrine

Basic Doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


LDS Church Meetinghouse; Public Domain

LDS Church Meetinghouse with Edmonton Alberta Canada Temple in Background

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In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints there are a lot of unique doctrines about what we believe. This list will help you more fully understand some of the basic LDS Church doctrine. You can also sign up for the LDS Church Doctrine Email Course to receive these lessons by email.

LDS Church Doctrine
  1. God the Father
    In the LDS Church we believe that God is our Eternal Heavenly Father. Learn eight basic beliefs about God in this detailed article.

  2. Faith in Jesus Christ
    One of the most basic gospel doctrines in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is faith in Jesus Christ. Find out what it means to have faith in Christ.

  3. Repentance
    Repentance is a basic LDS Doctrine because it takes action and faith to repent of ones sins. Read about repentance and then see the follow up article with the steps of repentance.

  4. Baptism
    An important LDS Church doctrine is our belief in baptism, who should be baptized, and how. Study about baptism in this article as well as our doctrine on baptism for the dead.

  5. Holy Ghost
    As members of the LDS Church we believe in the Holy Ghost. Learn all about the gospel doctrine of the Holy Ghost in this four part LDS Church article.

  6. The Gift of the Holy Ghost
    After the basic characteristics of the Holy Ghost comes the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This article explains how one receives this powerful gift in the LDS Church.

  7. How to Pray
    Prayer is an important gospel doctrine in the LDS Church because it's how we communicate with God. Learn how to pray with this basic LDS Church doctrine.

  8. Restoration of Christ's Church
    As a doctrine in the LDS Church we believe in the restoration (return of) the Church of Jesus Christ. This article summarizes the fall of Christ's original church and later restoration in these modern days.

  9. The Book of Mormon
    The historical record of The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ because Christ himself visited the people on the American continent. Learn about this amazing record of the LDS Church including how you can receive a free copy of The Book of Mormon or read it online.

  10. Organization of the LDS Church
    This article details the organizational structure of the LDS Church and how it is the same as the Church Christ organized during His life. Also find out about living prophets, apostles, and other LDS Church leaders.
After learning the basic LDS Church doctrine try taking this easy Quiz: What Do Mormons Believe?
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