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Satan Tries to Destroy Our Happiness

Satan Attacks Our Weaknesses When We Are Happy


Happy Girls

Satan Attacks When We Are Happy

Rachel Bruner
Sometimes we may think that Satan only attacks us when we're feeling negative emotions such as depression, sadness, temptation, anger, etc. Recently, though, I had the following experience that illustrated the opposite.

Satan Is Trying to Destroy Us

On a Monday afternoon my husband and I had a wonderful experience that filled us with immense joy. We were able to share this joy with our family and friends who also rejoiced with us. It was a wonderful day, full of happiness and peace. The next day I found myself feeling down. I recognized what I was feeling down about but not why. Nothing about the situation that was causing me to feel blue had changed and I couldn't understand why I was feeling so sad, especially when I had so much to be joyful about.

Throughout the day my feelings of sadness increased and were followed by an upsetting experience which led to an emotional meltdown. Why had this happened? Just the previous day I had been so full of joy.

Although I had a better evening, when I returned home my husband had also experienced a difficult time. After some discussion my husband said something very profound. He said, "I believe Satan is trying to destroy our happiness." As soon as I heard this I knew it was true.

Satan Attacks Us When We're Happy

Throughout the day I had struggled to understand why I was feeling so blue. The previous day had been a great day of joy and happiness for us, which of course Satan doesn't want, so what does he do to stop that? He attacks our weaknesses- which is exactly what he did. Satan doesn't attack our strengths, he attacks us where we are weak.

Satan Attacks When Our Defenses are Down

I realized that I had allowed myself to be vulnerable to Satan's attacks that day because I had not studied my scriptures, and my morning prayer had been a last minute thought while driving in the car somewhere. I had neglected to put upon me the Armor of God.

Not only did this experience strengthen my resolve to put more effort and sincerity into my daily scripture study and prayers, but it increased my faith and testimony of the power of these basic commandments.

God Will Protect Us

Satan is the Adversary, to God and to all of us. He will do everything and anything within his power to destroy us. He has numerous techniques that he uses to attack us, including his "fiery darts" (see Ephesians 6:16), but when we put upon us the Armor of God we are protected and shielded from these attacks.

Seek now to increase your faith and protection from Satan's attacks by strengthening your personal Armor of God.

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