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Most of the questions found in this section are taken from emails received from site visitors.

Seven Reasons Why Mormons are Christian
There has been, and will continue to be, much debate about whether or not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are Christian. This list gives several reasons why Mormons are Christian with supporting scriptures, quotes, and links to more in depth articles.

Are Mormons Christians? - The Accusations
The following is a list of four accusations commonly presented as "proof" that Latter-day Saints are not Christian. A brief answer for each is given.

Are We Saved by Faith or Works?
One of the most frequent questions members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are asked is what we believe about being saved. Are individuals saved by faith in Christ (by God's grace) or by good works?

Does the Book of Mormon Violate Revelations 22:18-19 by Adding to the Bible?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is often accused of adding more scripture to the Bible, in conflict with Revelation 22:18. Is the LDS Church violating this warning by adding additional scriptures to the Bible?

The Sexual Sins of Homosexuality and Lesbianism
To more fully understand how homosexuality and lesbianism (sexual relations between members of the same sex) is a sexual sin one must first understand the eternal nature of our gender and how the powers of procreation are sacred.

Church Policy on Gay Marriage
This article explains how God loves all His children, the difference between same-sex behaviors and feelings, how there's hope for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, and the Church's position on this issue including the Church's involvement with Proposition 8.

Cola Drinks and Caffeine
Learn the Church's stand on caffeine, cola drinks, and chocolate, how caffeine affects our health, and how much caffeine certain foods contain in this three part article.

Death of Animals
An article with great quotes and thoughts to help in understanding the death of loved pets.

Is Decaffeinated Coffee and Nonalcoholic Beer Okay?
Find out what Mormons believe about drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages. Submit your vote in our online poll, or join the forum discussion.

Deep Doctrine and the Mysteries of God
Is it okay to think and talk about issues that aren't taught in church? Find out what your LDS Guide, the scriptures, and Church Leaders have to say.

Polygamy: Not Practiced in the LDS Church
One issue that draws an incredible amount of attention to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that of polygamy. Media coverage regarding polygamy, or polygamous groups, is often confusing and misleading.

Polygamy, Official Statement
This statement, by President Gordon B. Hinckley, clarifies the LDS Church's stand on polygamy and how polygamy is not practiced among Latter-day saints.

Is it Okay to Celebrate Halloween? Find out what other LDS hosts think and what is mentioned in our Church Magazines about Halloween.

What and where is the planet Kolob?

Media Misuse
Media can be used as an educational tool or as a tool of the devil.

Priesthood and Women
Do women hold the priesthood through their husbands? Is it immoral to work outside the home? What is the patriarchal order? Are LDS women an oppressed majority?

R Rated Movies
Is it a commandment or a suggestion to not watch R rated movies? Find out what others have shared in the LDS Community Forum along with quotes from LDS Church leaders.

Satan, The Reality of
Find the results from a poll and what the LDS church teaches about Satan including quotes and scriptures.

Sword of Laban
Learn of Oliver Cowdery's Experience with the Sword of Laban as related by Brigham Young, "The Sword of Laban currently rests upon the gold plates, unsheathed, in the Hill Cumorah." This question is used in the Book of Mormon Hard Quiz.

FAIR - Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research
Dedicated to providing information to counter accusations against the Church. Features include articles, book reviews, message boards, and reference books online.

FARMS - Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
Institute for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts at Brigham Young University (BYU). Features include a newsletter, journal of Book of Mormon Studies, book reviews, reports, transcripts, and more.

Jeff Lindsay's FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Latter-day Saints by Jeff Lindsay including the Bible, Book of Mormon, church doctrine, history and much more!

BYU Mormon Studies
The premier resource guide for scholarly material on Mormonism.

Allen Leigh's LDS Site
An online book answering many of the criticisms of the Church and explaining the basic doctrines of the Church. The book resulted from four years of online discussions with non-LDS.

Shields: Scholarly & Historical Information Exchange for LDS
Find answers to common questions about the LDS Church, it's doctrines, the Book of Mormon, and more.

Sponsored by BYU Studies, this site provides answers for some common and other not-so-common questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is designed to help all interested people learn more about the LDS Church and its doctrine, history, scriptures, and practices.

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