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Home and Visiting Teaching Jeopardy Game


This Home and Visiting Teaching Jeopardy Game is perfect for an Elder's Quorum or ward activity!

  • Print the categories (there are five) and answers or make your own
  • Print five copies of the category amounts (one for each category)
  • Post up the categories and amounts on a wall or blackboard
  • Divide everyone into three teams and have them select a team name
  • Assign someone to be the score keeper who will keep track of how many points each team wins or loses
  • Assign someone to remove category amounts from the board when they've been selected

  • To simplify score keeping you can make a rule that teams only win points, not lose them even if they guess wrong.
  • If you are using the above option to simplify score keeping you can just give each team the category amounts (printed sheets) they earn which they can tally up at the end of the game.
  • Assign one or two answers to be "Double Jeopardy" answers that teams can wager more points for
  • If you'd like you can come up with a "Final Jeopardy" question to be asked which teams can wager on.
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