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Goal Tracking Tools and Ideas


Here's a list of fabulous tools and ideas to help you keep track of your goal's daily progress. Pick one or more of the following to help you chart your success.

Goal Tracking Tools and Ideas
  • Habit Making Charts and Bookmarks: These charts are made to let you mark off your daily progress for 21 days, turning your goal into a good habit. Use these charts to get started AND to continued keeping track of your progress even after the initial 21 days.

  • Calendar Tracking: Buy or make a calendar. The size, large or small, depends on if you want to post it to the wall or carry it around with you. Mark your goal's progress every day. You can write notes of what you've done, or just place a big X in the square.

  • Journal Entries: Writing an entry in your daily journal regarding your progress is a great way to help you succeed. Write about how you feel with your goal and it's progress too. Make sure if you pick this one that you do it EVERY day to help you keep on track so you'll achieve your goal. Sending yourself DAILY emails counts too!

  • Report to a Friend/Relative: Keep track of your progress everyday by reporting to someone you can confidently confide in. Ask them ahead of time to make sure they are willing AND happy to have you contact them daily. You can send them an email, call them, talk to them if they live close by. OR you can write down your progress daily (with one of the other options) then report weekly to your friend.

  • Planner/Agenda: If you have a planner or an agenda you can easily use it to keep track of your goal's daily progress but you have to use it. If you're worried that you won't remember to then pick another options you feel more sure about.
The Tools I Use:
  • I have a habit making chart hanging in my bedroom by the door where I see it at least twice a day, usually more. Each day that I complete my goal I check it off on the chart. Once I've made the goal a steady habit (by completing it for 21 days in a row without missing a day) I continue to use the chart to keep track of my daily progress as well as choose another goal to work on.

  • On Sundays I write a journal entry regarding my goals and progress. I write about my feelings, my successes, my plans, and my trials.

  • Often I discuss my goals during Family Home Evening when we have our "family business" time which helps my family know what and how I'm doing.
I guarantee that you WILL succeed if you honestly keep track of your goal every day and follow the steps for "Making and Achieving Goals" which are listed on page one.

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