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Keeping a Journal: Tips For Success


Keeping a Journal

Keeping a Journal

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These tips and tricks will help you with keeping a journal!

1. Be Consistent
Make journal writing a habit by planning a specific time or day when you will write in your journal, such as every evening before you go to bed, before you have breakfast, or during lunch. If you don't have enough time to write every day, pick a specific day of the week when you will write. Sundays are perfect for me since journal writing makes a great Sabbath day activity, one the whole family can enjoy. Writing consistent journal entries will make future reading more enjoyable.

2. Be Complete (Date Everything!)
The Ensign article, "My Journal, A Vital Record" teaches: "In addition to sharing thoughts and feelings, your journal is a record of your life’s events. For future reference, be sure to include complete information: names (first and last), dates (including the year), and places (city, state, or other information applicable to your country). Don’t assume that people and events you know intimately will be familiar to your future readers. It may seem tedious at first to add these details, but future readers will be grateful for your efforts." (Preston Draper, Sept. 2004, 72)

3. Vary Your Entries
Make sure you write your feelings and thoughts about the things going on in your life. "Don’t become obsessed with fact to the exclusion of emotion." (My Journal, A Vital Record)

4. Be Organized
Do you have more than one journal? Do you save letters, calendars, poetry, or other journal entries? If so then you're like me and you need to get organized!
  • Get everything together
  • Make an index of all your items (example of my personal journal index)
  • Write down each item, the dates (beginning and end), and a description of the actual item
  • Keep all your journal items together in a box, notebook, or other organizational kit
  • Place your index at the beginning with your first journal
5. Asking Yourself Questions:
  • What would you like to remember about yourself?
  • What has the Lord done for you?
  • What would you like to tell your children or grandchildren about yourself?
6. Use Journaling Pages
The Friend magazine made 12 journaling pages, that are perfect to help children learn how to journal. I compiled and updated these Journal Pages for your convenience!

Don't Give Up!
No matter how much time has passed since your last entry don't be discouraged, what's important is that you write in your journal today!

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