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Food Storage: Why, What, and How - Latter-day Saints - About.com
Why should we have a food storage? Why should we be prepared for emergencies? Here are a few of the main reasons why we should have a food storage ...
Why Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness? - Latter-day Saints
Latter-day prophets have counseled Church members to build up a food storage and be prepared for emergencies, but why? Here are a few of the main reasons ...
What to Store in a Food Storage - Latter-day Saints - About.com
Our food storage should contain what we would eat, and if we don't currently eat their recommended items, we should try to incorporate them into our diets.
Top 5 Food Storage Starter Books - Latter-day Saints - About.com
... a year supply. Here are some of the best food storage books to get you started. Even food storage veterans would find a few of these to be handy references.
Food Storage Calculator - Latter-day Saints - About.com
Use the following calculator to figure the minimum food storage amounts for your family for one year. The amounts are based on the recommendations listed in ...
Food Storage - Make A Plan - Latter-day Saints - About.com
The thing that really stands out in my mind was the time I ordered 250 pounds of wheat to add to our food storage. The owner assured me that they always had ...
Food Storage is Like Laundry - Latter-day Saints - About.com
Recently President Hinckley pleaded with members to prepare themselves.[1] Judging by the requests I'm receiving for food storage information, members are ...
Sustainable Living - Latter-day Saints - About.com
Find resources to plan your family's emergency food storage and preparedness including 72-hour kits, calculators, food storage rotation and other emergency ...
Food Storage is Like Laundry - Latter-day Saints - About.com
By Melanie Cooper. The first thing you need to do before beginning your food storage is to assess your needs. Your family may be large or small. Perhaps you  ...
How to Afford Food Storage - Latter-day Saints - About.com
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been commanded to store a year's supply of food storage. But where do you get the money for ...
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