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The Bible and Suicide

God's Plan of Salvation

Have you ever wondered what's the purpose of life? Or questioned where you've come from or where you will go when you die? There is a plan, one created by God called the Plan of Salvation. You can also sign-up for the Plan of Salvation E-Course to receive a weekly newsletter, for eight weeks, about each lesson of the Plan of Salvation.

The clickable chart below offers you a visual map of this plan and each image links to a detailed article. I would highly suggest starting with Premortal Existence.

The Plan of Salvation
Premortal Existence the Creation, the Fall, and Birth Mortality Death Spirit World Life After Death ResurrectionJudgment
God's Plan of Salvation:
Celestial Kingdom Terrestrial Kingdom Telestial Kingdom
  1. Premortal Existence
  2. The Creation, the Fall, and Birth
  3. Mortality
  4. Death
  5. Spirit World: Life After Death
  6. Resurrection
  7. Judgment
  8. Three Kingdoms of Glory

Here are two other images of the Plan of Salvation, and one of the Strait and Narrow Path, that might help you better understand the visual layout of God's Plan.

Plan of Salvation Chart
Plan of Salvation Poster

When you've finished reading these articles take the Plan of Salvation Quiz and then share your quiz results with us!

Don't forget to sign up for the Plan of Salvation E-Course.

You might also like to visit the site: God's Plan of Salvation or Redemption to read several scriptures about each aspect of the plan.

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