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Christmas Stories for Children and Youth
Find the true meaning of Christmas in these personal experiences and stories.
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I believe the true meaning of Christmas is different for everyone. Listed below are some personal Christmas stories for children and youth by those who share about the true meaning of Christmas.

Don't miss parts one and three: Christmas Stories for Everyone, and Christmas Crafts and Ideas.

Christmas Stories for Children

"Gifts of the Savior," Friend, Dec. 2001, 2

Rosalyn Collings, "A Temple Square Christmas," The Friend (Liahona), Dec. 2001, 7

Karla C. Erickson, "Christmas Family," Friend, Dec. 1997, 10

"Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ," Ada Foy, "An Older Brother's Gift," Friend, Dec. 1996, 34

Christmas Stories for Youth

Joshua DeMoux, "Six Elders Singing," New Era, Dec. 2002, 13

Maja Lorenz, "Christmas Mystery," New Era, Dec. 2002, 26

Brent Simkins, "Doorstep Nativity," New Era, Dec. 2001, 11

Todd F. Cope, "Wrapped Up in Myself," New Era, Dec. 2001, 35

Melissa Greenwalt, "The Happiest Person on Earth," New Era, Dec. 1996, 9

Jack Weyland, "Filling the Manger," New Era, Dec. 1994, 41

Lois T. Bartholomew, "Christmas Every Sunday," New Era, Dec. 1993, 44

"Far, Far Away: Missionary Christmas Stories," New Era, Dec. 1992, 20

Kathleen Lubeck, "Christmas in the Holy Land," New Era, Dec. 1987, 20

David Brinley, "Missionary Christmas," New Era, Dec. 1984, 9

"What should be different about a Mormon Christmas?" New Era, Dec. 1976, 14

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