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LDS Relief Society: Visiting Teaching "Do It!!" Reminder
Great Handouts for your LDS Relief Society Visiting Teaching Program
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This idea came from a handout I received in a previous ward. I loved it so much that I even took it with me when I moved to Canada.
When you hang this handout on the fridge (or other metal object) you can flip the second heart between its two sides: "Do it!!" to remind you that you still need to make your visits and "Done!" when you're finished for the month.
(See instructions below. Printable version of different colored hearts and "Do It!!" & "Done!" hearts.)

Other side of heart:

Printable version of different colored hearts and "Do It!!" & "Done!" hearts.


Cut out three hearts, two which should be of the same size, and a larger one from a decorative paper. Write the name of the person on one of the two smaller hearts and the write Visiting Teaching below the name. Paste the heart onto the larger heart, but don't attach the magnet yet if you wish to use the ribbon instructions in the next paragraph. On the second heart write "Do It!!" and on the other side of the same heart write, "Done!".

Attach a piece of ribbon between the two hearts so that the second heart hangs from the first. The ribbon on my handout was attached by punching a small hole into the top of the bottom heart and another hole at the bottom of the top heart. The ribbon was threaded through the top heart at the back, then through the back of the bottom heart (where it says "Done!"), then rethreaded through the front of the top heart's hole making it possible for both ends of the ribbon to be attached under the magnet at the back of the handout.

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