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LDS Scripture Study: Goal Calculator
Set study goals by figuring out how many pages or chapters to read each day.
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The best way to create a habit of daily study is to set a goal and one of the best ways to keep goals is to figure out HOW you're going to accomplish your goal. Just follow these three easy steps! (Make sure you don't miss the link for the LDS Scripture Study Calculators I've made for each book!)

1. Decide which book of LDS Scripture you're going to study:

  • Book of Mormon
  • Doctrine and Covenants
  • Pearl of Great Price
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament

If you're not sure which to pick, I suggest starting with the Book of Mormon.

2. Decide if you're going to study per page or per chapter:

  • Pages vary as well (because of the size of the footnotes section) but on average take about the same amount of time to read. I suggest this method for those who need help keeping goals.
  • Chapters vary greatly in length (number of verses/words) so if you pick this method you will have a lot of reading to do one day and less to do the next. This option is less consistent time-wise.
  • Pages ending with Chapters is a mix of the two, you start by reading your daily page goal but continue until you've finished the chapter you're in the middle of. This option is great for those who don't want to stop in the middle of a story/event.
  • If you're not sure go to the next step and see the LDS Scripture Study Calculators to figure out which study method works for you!

3. Calculate Your Goal:

I've made this part very easy by putting together LDS Scripture Study Calculators, there's one for each book, using JavaScript!

(If you'd like to calculate your goal on your own follow these directions below, if not visit the link above.)

Do it yourself calculations: Take the number of Pages or Chapters of the book you've chosen to read and divide by the number of pages/chapters you want to study each day (to figure out how many days it will take) OR by the total number of days to complete your goal (to figure out how many pages/chapters you must study each day.) SEE EXAMPLES BELOW.

Here are the total pages/chapters for all LDS Scriptures in the standard size**, English text:

LDS Scriptures
Book of Mormon
Doctrine and Covenants
Pearl of Great Price
Old Testament
New Testament
Entire Standard Works

**For smaller/larger sizes you will need to figure out the number of pages (chapters will be the same of course) by looking at your LDS scriptures. Note: The New Testament page numbers continue from the Old Testament so you will need to take the LAST number of the NT and subtract the LAST number of the OT to get the total pages for the NT.


1. You decide to study three pages a day in the Book of Mormon which has 531 pages. Now divide 531 by 3 (number of pages to read each day) and it will take 177 days (just under 6 months) to complete your goal.

2. You wish to study the New Testament in 6 months (that's about 183 days), chapter by chapter. There are 260 chapters so you divide 260 by 183 days to find that it will take you 1.42 chapters a day. Since you're studying chapters it's harder to read 1 1/2 chapters per day, so one suggestion would be to read 1 chapter one day and 2 chapters the next.

3. You want to finish the entire standard works in one year (365 days) but are unsure if you wish to study by chapter or by page (although it's the same amount of reading over all).

For Pages: 2468 divided by 365 equals 6.76 pages to study per day. One idea I would suggest with this goal is to use the Pages and Chapters option, mentioned above: Study six pages and then continue reading until you reach the end of a chapter. This way you'd end up studying the extra .76 pages each day.

For Chapters: 1581 divided by 365 (days) equals 4.33 chapters to read per day. One suggestion to achieve this goal would be to study four chapters one day and five the next.

I know these goals work, I've used them several times myself with HUGE success! May God be with you as you study his beautiful words!

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