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Teacher Training - Classroom Preparation
Ideas to help prepare your classroom before giving your lesson.
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For our Teacher Training I compiled most of this list using the ideas give in the manual, "Teaching, No Greater Call".

Preparing your classroom involves many different aspects. They are:


  • Pick up papers
  • Erase the chalk board


  • Not too hot or too cold (if possible)


  • Room should have adequate lighting
  • Arrange chairs so the sun will not shine in anyone's eyes

Personal Touches

  • Occasionally bring objects that improve the appearance of the room or relate to the lesson

Lesson Materials

  • Have everything ready before hand (chalk, eraser, visual aids)
  • Test electrical equipment to make sure it works properly


  • So you can see each student and they can see you
  • Students can see visual aids and/or chalkboard
  • Smaller chairs should be used for smaller children, etc.
  • Occasionally children may enjoy sitting on the floor
  • If necessary designate seating to separate students who disturb each other (idea for younger classes: put students' names on paper attached to their chairs, or placed on the floor, before class)


  • Should have enough room for activities, games or crafts

Note: You can assign students to help prepare the classroom (setup chairs, etc.) on a regular or occasional basis.

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