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Women of Destiny
Songs Celebrating the Relief Society Declaration

Guide Rating -  
4 Stars
Review by Cindy Siebert
About LDS Associate

According to the liner notes, the idea for “Women of Destiny” came from the Relief Society declaration.  It’s intent is to support “the values and principles described in [it] and celebrate the unique gifts women share.”  I think the compilers of the album, Staci Peters & Tyler Castleton, have done an excellent job of choosing songs that do just that.  The songs on this album truly celebrate all the women of the church.

There are songs such as “Sister in Christ”, sung by Gladys Knight that remind us what women can truly do if they work for righteous goals.  “What Heaven Sees in You,” reminds us of exactly who we really are. There are songs celebrating the special strengths of women.  There is a song on this album that every woman can identify no matter what stage of life she is in and no matter what is happening in her life currently.

Not only are the messages of the songs important but also the music itself is wonderful.  All 12 songs on this album are very well done.  They are beautifully sung and the musical accompaniment for each song compliments the words very well.  I am a big believer that music can really help bring the spirit in or chase it away; depending on the music. These songs do an excellent job of inviting the spirit in to a room or a car.  The music can also be very calming and bring a sense of peace when you are listening to it.  The songs on “Women of Destiny” will truly touch your heart.  The first time I heard the song “She,” it made me cry.

I reviewed this album first, because it could be an idea for a Mother’s Day gift.  I would highly recommend this for anyone needing a wonderful gift for his or her mom.  However, it would make a great gift for any woman in your life.  Most albums require more than one listening before I truly enjoy the whole thing, but this one I loved from the first song

I wanted to develop a rating system for these reviews and this is what I have chosen:  4) Wonderful 3) Good 2) Fair and 1) Save Your Money.  This album gets a definite 4.  The album is well worth the $15.98 price tag.

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