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The Bible and Suicide

Guide Picks - Top 5 LDS Children's Books
Searching for a book that will appeal to your children while teaching gospel principles? Here are five that won't disappoint.
1.) I Am a Child of God
The first illustrated gift book for children featuring the much-loved paintings of world-renowned artist Greg Olsen. Includes 16 of his most recognized paintings and pairs them with inspirational thoughts. Every child should own a copy of this book.
2.) The Story of the Walnut Tree
This is the true story of a man, President Gordon B. Hinckley, who loves trees, and plants them all around his house. Embedded throughout the story are little nuggets of wisdom, life-lessons which we and our children would do well to learn.
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3.) Three Days Without Light
This children's book, which portrays the events of 3 Nephi from a child's perspective, is absolutely marvelous.
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4.) The First Vision
A great book for anyone who would like to be able to read the Joseph Smith story to a young child without being overwhelmed by wiggles.

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5.) His Gift
A joyful tale of God's love and the divine and sacred nature of one of the greatest gifts He has given His children, their bodies.

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