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The Bible and Suicide

Short Story Writing Contest: Winners
Winners of the Short Story Writing Contest Announced: October 11, 2002
NOTE: The Short Story Contest is now closed. If you'd like to submit an article please see the LDS Article Submission Form and Guidelines.

Spiritual / Faith Promoting

1st Place: Adventures with a Dog named Nephi
A fictitious story submitted by J. Thomas Hart about a man, his dog named Nephi, and a spiritual prompting.

2nd Place: Look in the Mirror
A true story submitted by Mark Osterloh about an important lesson he learned about not judging others.

3rd Place: Answered Prayers
A spiritual, true story submitted by Lorraine about how her life long prayers had been answered.

Honorable Mention: Jesus Save Us
A true story submitted by Janice Porter about her visit to former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.

Honorable Mention: My Testimony Continues to Grow
A true story submitted by Kathy Henry about her growing testimony.

Honorable Mention: "Keep Out!"
A true story submitted by Dawn Landrum about Satan trying to keep her family from the Gospel.

Uplifting / Moving

1st Place: A Flower For Your Thoughts
A true, uplifting story submitted by Kathryn Jones about helping a friend in need.

2nd Place: Realistic Dream
A true story submitted by Bryan Polk about his struggle with obesity and the uplifting turning point in his life.

3rd Place: Wounds Unseen
A true, uplifting story submitted by Joanne Stevenson Kapp about her brother being sent to war.

Honorable Mention: Towards the Real
An uplifting, fictitious story submitted by Vanessa Huff about a woman and her experiences as a mother.

Honorable Mention: The Work's Most Powerful Tool
A true story submitted by Christopher Duffey about Rosita's smoking problem.

Honorable Mention: Run Away Mom
A true story submitted by Lisa Anderson about the trial of comparing yourself to others.

Honorable Mention: The Book I Never Read
A true, spiritual story submitted by Crystal Frazer about the book she never read.

Humorous / Funny

1st Place: Ewe Know
A humorous experience submitted by Ron Johnston about a Sister Missionary and some sheep.

2nd Place: Wheat for Man
A funny, true story submitted by Denna L. Coburn about her childhood trial with wheat mush.

3rd Place: Prayer Works
A humorous true story submitted by John about how a certain prayer was answered on his mission.

Honorable Mention: A Taste of Eternity
A humorous, true story submitted by Louis Floyd about his church experience as a child.

Honorable Mention: Church Basketball: The Brawl That Begins With Prayer
Ron Johnston's humorous experiences throughout his life with Church basketball.


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