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The Bible and Suicide

Help (Page 3)
by Alisha
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After breakfast Mr. Powell pulled me aside, and told me that my father was to be in jail for two weeks or so, and everyday he would have an Abusiver of Alcohol Therapist session.

I felt sad, like I did something wrong. Mrs. Powell says that next week, one day after school, she will take me to see him. I also get to stay here, and I am very grateful for that.

On sunday we went to church, I had only been to church a couple of times when mom was alive.

That night we all watched "The Wonderful World Of Disney. Gina says that they always watch a movie every sunday night as a family. It was nice, I liked it.

Cindy barely notices that she's not at home, and Mrs. Powell is going to watch her for free, on a count of she already stays home to watch the twins.

On Monday morning Mr. Powell woke us up at 7:00 and said that we were all going to go out for breakfast because Mrs. Powell had a bit of a cold, and he thought that he'd let her sleep in a little.

I borrowed another one of Gina's dresses. It was yellow, and fluffy. I think this one was my most favorite. We went out to Ed's, a small dinner near school, Gina suggested that I might try the home fries, and they were good.

Then Mr. Powell dropped us off at school, I'm used to walking, then he handed us our lunch that Mrs. Powell made last night.

She bought me a pink lunch bag that had my name on it . I loved it. For a snack she packed us watermelon in a little glad wear container, and in another container was apple jacks, and a juice box.

For lunch there was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into four small squares, a chocolate chip cookie, and milk. Then in mine there was a note that read, "I'll pick you two up 20 minutes before school ends, so that we can see your father before the visiting hours end. Give my love to Gina. Have an awesome day! Love, Mrs. Powell."

I told Gina about the note in history, and we both go a demerit, I felt bad, Gina had never gotten one, but she said it was not my fault.

Sure enough at 1:40, we got called down to the office and dismissed. Mrs. Powell said that she dropped the twins and Cindy off at her mothers, "prisons are no place for the little ones", she said.

We pulled up at the Grover's county jail. I could see bars, and faces of lonely folks, waiting to get out. When we walked in there was an awful odder that made me want to ralph. The officer called my father into the visiting cage.

Mrs. Powell and Gina waited in the waiting room, and Gina said to holler if I had any trouble. I sat down and waited for him to show. There was a glass wall in between the two chairs, which meant we couldn't touch, and in order to talk I had to hold down a button.

Then I saw him come from behind a wall. He looked dirtier then ever. When he sat down the first thing he said was, "You look awful pretty Miraculous, just like your mother." He sounded sad.

"Well yeah know, they have been treating us nice." There was that awful silence. Then we heard the guard yell, "Times up!" and my dad yelled, "I'm sorry." I watched as he went back into the jail cell, as bad as I felt I knew he would be all right.

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