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The Bible and Suicide

by Alisha
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Dad says that their are bad days in life. As he says this, he's drunk and hitting us. Cindy is small, 4 years old. I'm 13, my name is Miraculous, but everyone who lives in Grover's Town calls me Mira.

When dad gets angry and drunk, I get scared. There is nothing that I can really do about it. When dad is sober, he's nice. He took Cindy and I out for an ice cream last week, of course I had to spot him a few dollars, he spent his last pay check at Sam's Bar. Mom died of Cancer 3 years ago, Cindy was so young.... I didn't know it was coming. After she died, that's when dad got fired from his high paying computer designer job, for being drunk all the time.

Now after countless hours of shaking him to get up in the morning, he goes to his "tractor job". I myself am always late for school, luckily our neighbor runs a child's daycare center and she only charges us $25.00 a week to watch Cindy, which I end up paying for with my after school job, working at the county store.

"Miraculous, Miraculous." That's Gina, she's my best friend. She always has to poke me with the back of her pencil during school, I don't get much sleep after school, homework, and working.

I'm wearing a blue and green striped shirt, dirty overalls, and moms old cowboy boots. My hair is dirty blonde, literally dirty, and it's held up by a piece of yarn. My eyes are green, but they look gray from un-happiness.

Gina on the other hand is pretty. She has blue eyes that sparkle with love and joy. Today she wears a white dress, and a pink hair ribbon holds back her sunshine yellow hair. Gina has both parents, which I envy, and two beautiful twin baby boy brothers named Christopher and Jonathan.

"Dad, I'm sorry that I'm late, I got caught up at work." He's mad, I see the anger in his eyes, he puts his case of Blue Moon down on the couch, spilling some, staining the remainder of white blotches.

He starts to swerve while walking towards me. Maybe it's me, but I didn't feel like getting a black eye tonight and explaining to Mrs. Sanders on monday that I got kicked in the eye by a horse. I start to run, I run into Cindy's room, I grab her and her blanket, she's still sleeping on my shoulder. I bolt out the back door, it slamming shut behind me, I'm running, way to fast, to be running from a relative.

I turn back, and he's right behind me, swerving. "Dad!! Stop it!!!" He starts to growl. I run two blocks, him following me the whole way, and I see Gina's home in the distance, it's a big white mansion, hard to miss.

I start to yell as I'm running up their perfect grass, "Gina!!! Mrs. and Mr. Powell!!!! Open up! Please!" The big red door opens a crack, it's Gina's, mother. She sees me, then she opens the door a little wider, she sees my father gasps, and yells, "Earl! Call the police! Call the police! "Common in Mira, hurry now!" I get inside the nice warm house, Mrs. Powell bolts the door, Gina starts to wobble down the stairs in her pink and white, nicely laced nightgown.

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