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Visiting Teaching - Conference Handout
A simple, yet spiritual handout perfect for the Visiting Teaching program.
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This Visiting Teaching idea, submitted by Nina Callaway, is a great way to share important Visiting Teaching information, while keeping it simple and easy. Here is Nina's explanation:

"I compiled a bunch of information on Visiting Teaching into ONE tri-fold handout to give to the sisters. I've found the "usual" information that is handed out at Visiting Teaching seminars is too "bulky". You know the kind: pages and pages of handouts saying the same thing about Visiting Teaching all stapled together. Most sisters end up filing it away or throwing them away altogether. Aside from the xeroxing budget that we DON'T have, the tri-fold seemed the smartest."

This tri-fold sample is available in PDF format, or if you have MS Publisher you can download this zipped file (Large File: 3.5Meg) of the original handout so you can edit it to fit your own Visiting Teaching needs.

Submitted By: Nina Callaway

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