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Thimble Game
Try not to guess the hidden word or you'll get wet!
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Object of the Game: To keep from guessing the hidden word.
Items Needed:
1 Thimble or other small container (such as the plastic cap of a pop bottle), 1 small cup or bowl of water, 1 pad of paper, and 1 pencil
Preparation: Fill the cup or bowl with water, and set on a table with the paper and pencil.

Directions: Choose one person to be "it" and have everyone else sit down in a circle. The "it" person then picks a category, such as animals, colors, clothing, etc. and tells it to the group. Then the "it" person silently picks an item from that category, writes it on the pad of paper, and turns it face down. "It" then takes the thimble and fills it with water from the cup/bowl and goes to the first person of the group who must say an item from the category. If the item is not the hidden word written on the pad "it" goes to the next person. When someone finally says the hidden word "it" splashes that person with the thimble full of water and now that person is "it".

Example: I'm "it" and I choose the category, colors, which I tell to the group. I then silently write "purple" on the pad of paper without telling anyone. I fill the thimble with water and ask player one to name a color, he says yellow, and I move to player two who says green. Player three says "purple" and I dump the thimble of water on her head. Now player three is "it" and chooses a new category.

Note: Only a small amount of water is needed, you don't want to start a water fight.

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