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A modified version of hide-and-seek perfect for Family Home Evening!
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Object of the Game: To find the person hiding and hide with them.
Items Needed:
A large enough home for many hiding places.
Preparation: Must be played at night with all the lights off.

Directions: Turn out all the lights in the house. The person that is "it" goes and hides - similar to hide-n-seek. Everyone else counts slowly to 100. When they're done counting they go find the "it". But when they find "it" they hide with him/her until the last person finds the hiding group. This is especially fun with big families and groups. You can get very creative in location. We didn't find my son the last time because he had hidden between the two mattresses on his bed!

Example: There are six people playing, one person is chosen to be it and runs off to hide while the other five stay and count to 100. When they are done counting they each go off on their own trying to find where "it" has hidden. Player one goes to the family room and finds "it" hiding behind the long drapes and quietly hides there too. Player four comes from the bedroom to the family room and finds the hidden group and quietly hides too until all the other players have finally found the hiding spot.

Note: It needs to be very dark since the hiding group can get pretty big and it would be obvious otherwise.

Submitted by: Tom

Note from Rachel Woods: You can also play this game outdoors if you have a large yard, field, or park with enough hiding places. When I was younger my cousins and I would play this at my grandparent's farm home where they had acres of trees and foliage perfect for hiding. We were able to play during the day and it was tons of fun!


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