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Object of the Game: To be the team to guess the word first.
Items Needed:
A few different colors of playdough or clay, words on individual pieces of paper in a bowl or other container, and a table with a plastic table cloth or newspaper to cover it (optional).
Preparation: Write several different words on a sheet of paper, cut each word so it's on it's own piece of paper, fold them, and place them in the container. Cover the table with the cloth or newspaper (optional for messy playdough or clay products).

Directions: Have the group divide into two teams. Have each team pick someone to start, by coming to the front where the table is with the playdough/clay. Have one of the two draw one word, which each look at. When ready, both people being to shape any color of playdough into something that looks like the word. The first team to guess the correct word wins a point. The team at the end of the game with the most points wins.

Example: The word drawn is "prayer", both players being shaping a piece of playdough, trying to get their team to say the word, "prayer". One person begins to shape a set of hands in prayer, while the other shapes the clay to resemble a person kneeling. After several guesses, such as hands, kneeling, humility, team two guesses "praying" (which is close enough), they win one point. A new sculptor is picked and a new word is drawn. The game continues until there are no more words to pick, or the time has run out.

Note: The sculptors cannot say words, make noises, use actions, or anything else. They must only use the playdough Here are a bunch of ideas to use as words for the game: prayer, scriptures, angel, temple, family, tithing, word of wisdom, Jesus, sacrament, pioneer, fireside, etc. To make the game longer, or for more words, every day words can be used.

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