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Do You Love Your Neighbor?
If your neighbor loves you you'll have to be quick or you'll be "it".
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Object of the Game: To find a seat before it's too late.
Items Needed:
Chairs or seats for each player, minus one. So if 6 people are playing you'll need five chairs. You can use a couch, just clarify how many seats it holds.
Preparation: Setup chairs in a circle facing inwards.

Directions: Choose someone to be "it" and have them stand in the center of the circle of chairs, everyone else should take a seat. "It" then goes up to one of the seated people and asks, "Do you love your neighbor?" the person then chooses to say "yes" or "no". If they say "yes" then the person's two neighbors (the ones seated directly to their left and right) have to switch seats before "it" can steal one of their chairs. Who ever is left standing is "it". If the person says "no" they then says, "but I love people who __________." They fill in the blank with anything pertaining to one or more players. Those players must then leave their seat and try to find a new one before "it" steals their chair.

Example: It asks me, "Do you love your neighbor?" and I reply, "No, but I love people wearing red." Everyone playing with red somewhere on their body must get up from their seat, including myself since my shirt has red on it. The it person takes my seat, I take player two's seat who was wearing red socks, and player two is left standing because no one else was wearing red. Player two is now "it" and asks player 4 if they love their neighbor. Player four says yes, and the two people seated on the right and left of player 4 must switch seats.

Note: To make the game more exciting for larger groups you can make a rule that you can't take the seat directly to your left or right, making it easier for "it" to steal a seat.


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