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Lights Out Hide 'n Go Seek
Play Hide and Seek in the Dark
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Object of the Game: Find hidden people in the dark.
Items Needed:
People and a dark house.
Preparation: Turn out all the lights.

Directions: One person is "it". "It" counts to 50 in a room away from everyone else. Everyone else hides. "It" has to find them without turning on any lights. The last one found is "it". This game is just a darker version of the standard hide 'n seek but it's a lot of fun because the hiding places increase since it's dark.

Example: Turn off the lights in the whole house. Whoever is "it" closes their eyes and counts to 50 and everyone hides. When they're done "it" tries to find everyone that's hidden. Once everyone's found start again with someone else as "it".

Note: Little children like to go with Mommy or Daddy and it's cozy to hide in the dark. It's a good way to help little ones feel more comfortable about darkness.

Submitted by: Cassie


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