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Lego Scriptionary
Build gospel related objects out of Legos.
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Object of the Game: To build a gospel related object from legos.
Items Needed:
Misc Lego blocks, or other building toys.
Preparation: Divide the toys into equal piles, if you have a lot of players divide them into teams.

Directions: Each person or team builds a gospel related object from their legos. You can narrow the subject if you want. Give a set time (we set the timer for 3 minutes). When the time is up, have each team tell about their object, and the gospel story that it comes from.

Example: The topic is prophets, everyone takes their pile of legos and tries to make a model that represents a certain prophet. For Jonah it could be a whale, for Nephi a sword or plates, for Moses a staff, etc.

Note: One variation you can do is to have other people or teams guess what story the object is from. Depending on the maturity level of your family, you could incorporate a scripture chase, or use scripture references for clues, or even for assignments (choose a slip of paper with a scripture reference, and build something that has to do with that scripture). My teenagers and preschoolers all love this game.

Submitted by: Jeanene


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