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Get To Know You String Game
A perfect game to get to know others at church activities.
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Object of the Game: To have everyone share a little bit about themselves.
Items Needed:
A roll of string or yarn, a pair of scissors.
Preparation: Without telling anyone what the game is have each individual cut a piece of string/yarn from the roll. Tell them to make it as short or as long as they wish.

Directions: Once everyone has a piece of string have them sit in a circle or semicircle. Now explain that the game is to have each person take a turn and talk about themselves for the length of their string. They must begin talking and winding the string around their finger and can't stop sharing things about themselves until they reach the end of the string.

Example: There are twelve people, some with a piece of string a foot long, others with pieces a few feet long each. The first person begins by winding the string around their finger and saying things such as, "My name is.... and I grew up in.... I have .... family members and like to ..... etc."

Note: Another variation is to have people take squares off a roll of toilet paper and have them say something about themselves for each square they took.


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