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Friends: A Game of Charity and Friendshipping
A Great Game to Play in Family Home Evening or other Church Activities
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Object of the Game: To write nice, uplifting things about each other.
Items Needed:
Paper (card-stock works well), pens, and safety pins, enough for each person playing.
Preparation: Safety pin a piece of paper onto the back of each participant and give them a pen.

Directions: Have everyone mingle around and write something nice on each person's paper. The purpose is to write things you like, admire, or enjoy about the person who's "wearing" the paper. This kind of game goes well with a lesson on charity or friendshipping. Afterwards you can have the group silently read their papers, and then ask people for their thoughts and feelings about the game.

Example: There are ten people playing, all ten receive a piece of paper which is pinned to the back of their shirt, and they receive a pen. When everyone is ready the people get up, walk around, write nice things on the papers of the other 9 participants until everyone has had a change to write something about the others, or until the time runs out.

Note: We played this in Relief Society activity as well, and it was a lot of fun. The people ended up forming long lines as they were writing on each other's backs. It's was quite funny.


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