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Don't Eat the Prophet
A great Family Home Evening Game to help learn about the Prophet and Apostles.
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Object of the Game: To win the most candies!
Items Needed:
A copy of the center page from the most recent conference issue of the Ensign... the page with the prophet and apostles' pictures . And a bag of small candies such as mini M&M's, peanuts, marshmallows, etc.
Preparation: Place a candy on each prophet and apostles' face.

Directions: One person thinks in their mind of a General Authority. The other person tries to guess who they're thinking of. Each wrong answer awards the "thinker" with a candy. When the "guesser" guesses the right name, he gets the rest of the candies.

Example: Thinker thinks of the name President Hinckley. The guesser guesses Thomas S. Monson incorrectly so the "thinker" gets that candy. Then the "guesser" guesses L. Tom Perry. Again for being wrong, the "thinker" gets that candy. This time the "guesser" guesses President Hinckley so as the prize, he gets the rest of the candies!

Note: This game helps everyone get used to the names and faces of the General Authorities. It's super fun too!

Submitted by: Andria Peterson


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