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LDS Do You Know - Computer Game Review

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LDS Do You Know - Computer Game

LDS Do You Know - Computer Game


The Bottom Line

LDS Do You Know is an LDS question and answer computer game that's easy to install and play! It comes with an instruction manual that helps you understand all your options, but it's very easy to just get started. There are voices that read the questions, that praise you when you're right or encourage you when you're wrong, and there's background music and animated graphics to add to the fun. What's great is if you don't want any of those options you can just turn them off.


  • Perfect by Yourself or with Friends and Family!
  • Several Levels, Categories, and Game Options.
  • A Fabulously Fun Way to Learn More LDS Information!


  • None


  • Features include: Over 2500 LDS questions
  • Six Difficulty Levels from Junior Primary to Scriptorian.
  • Three different ways to play with three different levels of competition: Cooperative or competitive.
  • One to four people can play as teams or as individuals. Up to 8 people can play in the 3rd game too!
  • Over ten different categories can be selected (one or more at a time) including:
  • Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price...
  • Church History, Scripture Mastery, Latter-day Prophets, Primary Songs, and Hymns (hear sound clips!)
  • Children will love the cute graphics that pop up... or they can be turned off before or during play.
  • Perfect for Family Home Evening or Sunday activities.

Guide Review - LDS Do You Know - Computer Game Review

My husband and I love this game! At first I tried it out on my own. It was fun to test my knowledge and browse through the different categories and levels. Later my husband told me he checked it out too and thought it was cool, so we had to have a duel. It was so much fun! We played during our daughter's entire nap time, we must have played at least seven different games using a mix of categories and game options. We loved the hymns where you actually got to hear the first few lines, and we enjoyed playing the different games: one where we answered at the same time and another where we had our own questions. There were only a few MINOR things about the game: we ran across two questions more than once, but this was okay as it helped us see if we'd actually learned the right answer if we'd missed it the first time. Also a rare question would be asked that we thought was too easy for the Scriptorian level. Other than these SMALL things, this game is perfect for any LDS family! I highly recommend this LDS computer game and have given it five stars, because I truly think it deserves each star.

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