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Degrees of Glory by Richard M. Siddoway - LDS Book Review

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Degrees of Glory by Richard M. Siddoway

Degrees of Glory by Richard M. Siddoway - LDS Book Review


The Bottom Line

This short, easy-to-read novel is about a man's experiences as he visits the different degrees of glory. He interacts with several people in each kingdom and learns a bit about why they live there.


  • Mind Opening
  • Clever Story
  • Very Intriguing


  • Some Unrealistic Aspects


  • The degrees are visited in this order:
  • Outer Darkness (Clever how the Sons of Perdition view their state.)
  • Telestial Kingdom (Fabulous analogy of God's time in chapter 2, it was the best part of the book!)
  • Terrestrial Kingdom (The "Hall of Fame" was interesting, yet very weird.)
  • Celestial Kingdom (I would have liked another chapter or two, but it was still well done.)

Guide Review - Degrees of Glory by Richard M. Siddoway - LDS Book Review

At first I was a little put off with this book because the author doesn't tell us who the main person is. BUT, that quickly became irrelevant as I was pulled into this fascinating story. There were many mind-opening aspects that intrigued me. As I mentioned above the analogy about God's time was fabulous and I reread it several times. I would have liked even more information and clarification, but it was definitely the part I enjoyed the best. I highly recommend this book to all Latter-day Saints, it's a treasure of a story worth having in your library! Too bad it wasn't longer. The author, Richard M. Siddoway, has written several other works including "The Christmas Wish," a New York Times bestseller.

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